About me

Hi. My name is Thomas. I am a Full-Stack-developer, musician, and furniture maker. I have studied Computer Science at Ghent University from 2015 to 2018. Unfortunately, I could not finish my studies right away, and I am catching up right now studying ICT at Odisee. During the “technical” break, starting in 2018, I was student at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in classical music composition and violin. I can confidently call my passion for design, which drives my efforts, a major capability in my works as well - from furniture building to web design.


While studying Computer Science at Ghent University , I have developed deep affection for open-source software and Linux . You can find me each year at fosdem for a chat. I'm using Archlinux with i3 as a window manager. I3 is a tiling window manager that tiles windows next to each other. Evidently, windows will never stack up on top of each other in a cluttered way. I code in nvim  which is the best editor there is on the market. It grants incomparable speed of moving through your document and changing text. With this editor, one barely uses the mouse anymore.


In 2019, I became interested in design and woodworking. The passion for woodworking grew, when my partner and I were renovating a house and designed furniture and architectural elements for the house . Today, on the weekends, you can find me in my woodshop. Here you can check my Check my woodworking portfolio. I’ve been following evening classes in furniture building at CVO Gent since the beginning of 2020.


Since I was 4 years old, I have been playing the violin and percussion. I literally grew up with, within, and around music; it is my second nature. In 2015, I was invited to come to the Chicago MidWest Clinic with the Chamber Orchestra of the Coast. I'm a violist in GUSO, the Ghent University Orchestra. I've played amongst other places in Hamburg, Valencia, and Prague with them. In 2019, I did a tour as a soloist with De De Burgersgilde. Recently, you can find me also as jazz drummer and pianist on receptions and in living room concerts.